San Diego Philippines Basketball League 2018

Rules and Regulations


  1. Time per Game. 20 minutes (running time) each half. A stop clock will be applied within the last 2 minutes of the second half on dead ball situation. Exception: if the team is down 10+ points within the last 2 minute of the second half, clock will continue to run unless one team calls timeout.


  1. Overtime. 1st overtime: There will be 2 minutes overtime (running time); a stop clock will be applied within the last one (1) minute (on dead ball). 2nd overtime: 1 minute with a stop clock (on dead ball). Both teams 1 time out each. 3rd overtime: Free throw shootout: toss coin for first possession; first team to make the basket win (it doesn’t matter if other team doesn’t get to shoot) 1player per team per shot.


  1. Shot clock. There will be a 30 second shot clock only in the last 2 minute of the second half. The offensive team must attempt a field goal before the shot clock expires. Fails to attempt a field goal within the time limit will result of turnover to their opponents.


  1. Excessive/Violent Act: Fighting, Verbal/Profanity. Fighting results in immediate ejection from the game to all player(s) involved, plus 1 or more games suspension. Any players who intended to hurt another player physically, (that include taunting and profanity) will result of a technical or ejection and 1 or more games suspension.


        PLEASE NOTE: a.Whether it is a fight or a potential fight, all players may not leave the bench…period, they must remain on the bench.  Only the Head Coach is allowed on the floor to assist officials in these situations

  1. b. non-participants leaving the bench are assessed flagrant fouls and disqualified for the remainder of the game.  Two (2)free throw and the balls are awarded to the offended team. Commissioner and Referee will determine the punishment (it vary, depending on the circumstances). Repeat offender will be ban for the rest of the season.
  2. Technical Foul.
  3. Any player(s) who received a Technical Foul will result a 5 minute time out of play. After the 5 minute time out is served the player can resume playing.
  4. Any player(s) who committed two (2) technical foul in the game will be automatic ejection and 1 game suspension for the following game.
  5. Any player(s) who committed two (2) technical foul within the regular season & playoff will be suspended (1game) for the following game. No exceptions (i.e. Regular/Playoff/Championship game)
  6. In case the league is made of 2 or more divisions, players can only play in 1 division. If any players violate this rule, will result of a technical or forfeit game.


  1. Proof of eligibility. (Div.II, III etc) .All Asian-American player(s) must have proof of their Asian descent (ie. Birth certificate, etc.), in case of any team contest their eligibility. Each team are allowed to add 2 Import players in their team roster (ie. White, African American, Hispanic). All import must be 6’3” and under only (no exception)


  1. Additional Player(s): Teams are allowed to add player(s) up to the 3rd week of schedule. After week 3, no teams are allowed to add another player(s). All additional players must be approved by the commissioner before playing. Team must turn in their final roster by the 3rd week of regular season.
  2. a. Each team must have a numbered uniform with a team color.  If a team player enters the game without a team colored uniform and without number (including 2 players with same number), a technical will be assessed with two free throws.
  3. When games are played, shirt must always be worn tucked in.


  1. Forfeit. There is a 5 minutes grace period after the given time; team who doesn’t have enough players to play will be forfeited. Team must have at least 4 players to start the game. But the team must have 5 players to start the second half to resume the game or the team will be forfeit.

Scenario 1. Any forfeit team who does not have enough players to start the game are responsible to pay both teams referee fees $60   and it should be paid on their next schedule game.

Scenario 2. In case of the game start with 1 team only have 4 players, both teams are responsible for the referee fees to start the game, doesn’t matter whether the game become forfeited after the 1st half of the game.Note: Teams must pay the Referee fee before the game start.


  1. Playoff/Championship. All players on the roster must play at least 2 games of the regular season to be eligible to play in the playoff. (must be on the team roster). If any player (did not played in regular season) played without the Commissioner’s approval will result of a technical or forfeit their game (forfeit if the game is won by team with ineligible player).


  1. Referee calls. The referees are in charge of the game.  All players and coaches will have to honor the call w/o remorse. Any dispute or question, address your concern to the referee with respect and good manner. Referees are not perfect.


  1. In case of any dispute. Only coach and team captain are allowed to approach the committee table or Referee.


  1. HAVE FUN!!!Enjoy showing off your talent. Don’t let the game stress you out or take you out of control. True character shows when we are under fire. Control your emotion and pride. Have fun.